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At Metalico Buffalo Inc., we will pay a fair price for your scrap metal. From large sheets of metal to various types of wire, plumbing fixtures, and so much more, we will accurately weigh and appraise your load of scrap metal at a price that nobody else in the region can beat. Clean out that old barn, bring in leftover piping from that plumbing job…whatever type of scrap metal you have, we will gladly take it into our scrap yard. If you have questions about pricing for your metal, please call us.
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We Buy Copper Scrap Metal

We are always aware of the latest market prices for metal to ensure that you get the very best price. We are always looking for copper scrap metal, but we will also accept a wide range of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, lead, and even old machinery and crushed cars. Give us a call for more details about the items we will take. Contact us today!
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