Automotive Aluminum Recycling

Automotive Aluminum RecyclingOne of the most vital elements in cars, aluminum continues to become more valuable and readily used by car manufacturers. With growing environmental initiatives in nations worldwide, car makers have been tasked to design vehicles with greater fuel efficiencies. Aluminum allows cars to become lighter while still providing robust protection. Additionally, advancements in aluminum recycling processes around the globe provide steady sources of attainable and affordable metal back to car producers.

How Much Aluminum Gets Recycled from cars? 

Aluminum is one of the most highly recycled metals from cars, with studies consistently indicating that almost 90% of automotive aluminum scrap is recovered and recycled. Millions of tons of aluminum scrap become available each year with the amount growing as more cars contain more aluminum in years ahead. 

What Car Parts Contain Aluminum?

Since it can be cast into various shapes, rolled into thin sheets and combined with different types of metals to create stronger properties, aluminum is found throughout an automobile. This can include the rims, engines, doors, and hoods of cars. Recyclable aluminum includes cast aluminum, sheet aluminum, and iron aluminum alloys. 

Recycle Your Aluminum Scrap

If you have aluminum scrap metal from cars, Metalico can help you recycle it! Whether you want to bring in some aluminum to our centers around Western New York, or you need our scrap container services, we are happy to help you find competitive pricing for your materials. Contact us today to learn more about current pricing and get started with recycling! 

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