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Metalico Buffalo Scrap Container UnloadingIf you want a fair price for your scrap metal, call one of our locations around the Buffalo-Niagara region and get the latest prices for your haul. Our locations offer convenient access to earn competitively while also helping the environment with responsible recycling of different metals.

We work closely with local contractors, businesses, and residents who have tons of metal to recycle. If you have questions about what items we accept, you can review our list of materials we buy. Locate our branch closest to you and bring your haul in for processing. Additionally, you can also schedule scrap container services for easier handling of large quantities!


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Metalico Buffalo Inc.

127 Fillmore Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14210
Phone: 716-823-3788

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Metalico South Park

2504 South Park Ave.
Lackawanna, NY 14218
Phone: 716-823-4930

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Metalico Niagara

2133 Maple Ave.
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Phone: 716-284-8729

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