Car Transmissions Recycling

Car Transmission RecyclingAll cars have a transmission system. Transmission types have evolved over the years, which is why you might notice that cars have gone from three pedals to just two. There are four types of transmission systems. Through this transition, there are lots of car transmission scraps that are lost into the environment. Metalico Buffalo Inc. comes to take care of these transmission scraps through car transmission recycling.

Different Types of Car Transmissions

Here are the different types of car transmission that you might be looking to recycle. 

· Manual transmission

This is the simplest and oldest transmission type in the automotive industry. This gearbox uses a friction clutch to connect the engine to the transmission shaft. It has gained several names over the years, including manual, stick shift, standard, or six-speed. There are very few new cars manufactured with this kind of transmission system. Manual transmission systems are also great at fuel consumption, taking up much less fuel.

· Automatic transmission

For a simplified driving experience, the automatic transmission system is the go-to choice. It might have limited performance and more complications compared to the manual transmission module.

· Continuously variable transmission

This system does not use gears; instead, it uses belts and pulleys guided by a computer to provide an infinite power ratio range.

· Semi-automatic and dual clutch-transmission systems

This transmission system is known for super-fast gear changes that are unmatched by any other transmission system.

We Can Handle All Your Car Transmission Recycling

Replacing a transmission system in your car? Metalico Buffalo Inc. offers you the best prices available to recycle any of these old transmission systems. Gear systems are made of many different materials. Some of which include Aluminum, brass, powdered metal, magnetic alloys, and cast iron. We are well equipped to recycle all of these materials.

We offer the best transmission recycling services in Buffalo, NY. Our company hands tons upon tons of scrap metal each year, expertly examined and promptly paid for. Our employees are recognized for offering the best recycling services in the area, in a professional and timely manner.

Recycle Your Transmission With Metalico

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us and find out more about our car transmission recycling services and rates.  Choose the best, choose Metalico Buffalo. Call our team to get started today!