Contracting Lead Recycling

Contracting Lead RecyclingMetalico Buffalo Inc. is the leading contracting lead recycling company within Western New York. As a company, we specialize in buying all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Make a little profit from the metal you no longer use in your home or business - recycle it! We are known for purchasing and processing all metal types, from copper scrap metal to stainless steel scrap metal.

Recycling Your Contracting Lead Products

At Metalico Buffalo, we have a team of professionals who understand not only different types of metals but also have an in-depth understanding to distinguish between the many varieties and their values. Whether your scrap lead is from plumbing projects, cables and wires, or even decorative pieces, you can recycle it at Metalico. 

Why Choose Us

As a company, our main objective is to ensure that you receive top dollar for your scrap metal. Check our current prices at any time to be sure you're getting the best value possible!

We're located in the Buffalo area, and we understand the area's different dynamics. We can coordinate with you to transport your scrap regardless of your location in WNY. 

As an added bonus, by using our recycling services, we help keep Buffalo clean by recycling all types of scrap metal, including your contracting lead scrap.

Contact Us Today

If you have old metal that you no longer use, Metalico Buffalo Inc. presents you with an opportunity to help the environment and make some cash. You can contact us at 716-823-3788 to get started. We offer the best prices possible for any metal that you may have!