Metal Doors and Window Frames

Metal Door Scrap Metal Recycling in Buffalo NY

Through residential and commercial construction, buildings require many doors and windows. While they can be made of a variety of materials, many doors and window frames are built out of recyclable metals, such as aluminum. Aluminum is often used because it is lightweight but also highly durable.

Additionally, aluminum can be continually recycled to be used again for other purposes. Doors and window frames may also include other materials that are not as valuable for scrap metal recycling. There may be pieces of glass, wood, and screws or bolts made of different metals. To get the most value of your scrap from doors and windows, it may be best for you to carefully remove other types of material to sort out your metal. 

Where Can I Get Money For Aluminum Scrap Metal? 

Bringing metal doors and window frames to a scrap metal recycling center are sure to earn you money for the weight you bring in. At Metalico, we often handle larger requests from contractors who have numerous  To help with busy contracting schedules, Metalico offers scrap container services that include a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Simply fill up your container with as much scrap as you can and we can schedule pick up services from our staff. Afterward, you will receive a fair price for your hard work! 

Contact Metalico For Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

If you have aluminum scrap metal from doors and window frames, Metalico will give you a competitive price for your hard work. Industry prices fluctuate on a regular basis, so call our staff to learn about the most current rates. Contact Metalico to schedule service to our offices across Western New York today! 

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