Gas Grills and Stoves

Gas Grill Scrap Metal Recycling in Buffalo NY

Scrapping a grill or stove can bring a reasonable cash flow and preserve the environment from precious metals going to waste. Whether you see the occasional grill on the side of the street or work with renovating old homes and apartment complexes, these heavy duty appliances contain different levels of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other types of metal. It may take some effort to clean an older grill out and remove the metal, but it’s worth the work to do so.

How To Scrap Grills and Stoves

First, you will want to remove all parts that are not metal, like plastic and wood. Sorting through your metals and keeping your scrap in more specific categories helps you get a higher return. Next, you can use a magnet to look for different types of metals. Cast aluminum and stainless steel will not stick to the magnet and those metals bring the most money per pound. You can check the inside for other pieces of stainless steel and copper elements. Lastly, get your pieces loaded and bring it to a scrapyard, where you’ll weigh each category of metal and get priced per pound. With very large loads, you can arrange for scrap container services to safely keep your metal in one place and have our staff help with transportation.

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If you have grills and stoves that you want to scrap, Metalico will give you competitive rates for scrap metal you bring in. Industry prices fluctuate on a regular basis, so call our staff to learn about the most updated rates. Contact Metalico to schedule service to our offices across Western New York today! 

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