Metal Cabinets & Shelving Recycling

Metal Shelves Recycling in Buffalo NY

Metal storage units can take up a lot of space and may need to be changed from time to time, especially during building demolitions and renovations. Whether you find a large number of metal filing cabinets, shelves or lockers, bringing them in for scrap metal recycling is a wise method to boost your bottom line throughout different contracting jobs. At Metalico, we offer competitive pricing for metal cabinet and shelf recycling! Let us compensate you for bringing in scrap metal for responsible recycling.

How To Scrap Metal Cabinets and Shelving

Rather than putting metal cabinets and shelves into the landfill, you can receive a nice payout by bringing it to Metalico for scrap metal recycling. Heavy loads may prove difficult to move to our facility, which is why we also offer different sized scrap containers that can carry your shelving and cabinets safely to us. To get the most out of your metal storage units, we suggest removing other materials attached to them that are not made of metal so that the weight can be fully accounted for and give you a higher yield. Heavily rusted cabinets are also valued at a lower amount since they'll contain less metal.

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Metalico strives to offer highly competitive rates for metal found in cabinets and shelves across Western New York. We are constantly up to date with the latest market fluctuations in commodity pricing. With offices located across WNY, we are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your metal cabinets and shelves, please contact us today!

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