Sheet Copper Recycling

Copper Sheet Recycling in Buffalo NY

With a naturally high conductivity as metal, copper has been used for centuries in a variety of applications. It is also often shaped and formed into larger pieces of larger products, as the metal can be melted down and formed into sheets of various thicknesses. These sheets are then hammered into different shapes or cut to fit the needs of a product. 

How To Scrap Sheet Copper

At Metalico, we can recycle your sheet copper in any size or amount. To help with transporting larger loads, we have different types of scrap containers available that can be dropped off at your location and picked up to be safely brought to our processing area. As with other types of scrap metal, it is best to bring sheet copper as a separated entity by removing other types of metals that may be attached. This helps with increasing the value of your scrap and makes it easier for us to process the sheet copper properly too.

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Metalico strives to offer highly competitive rates for sheet copper recycling in Western New York. We are constantly up to date with the latest market changes in commodity prices. With offices located in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Lancaster, we are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your sheet copper, please contact us today!

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