Crushed Cars Recycling

Crushed Cars RecyclingOld and damaged cars are typically taken to a yard where they are crushed to save on space and transportation costs to recycling plants. Each year, 12 million vehicles reach the end of their usefulness; but fortunately, the majority of the contents of these old vehicles can be recycled!

90% of motor vehicle parts are recyclable. Here are the metal recyclable car parts:

  • Batteries
  • Steel and iron
  • Wheels
  • Radiators transmissions
  • Transmissions
  • And more!

Fast and Professional Crushed Cars Recycling

Metalico Buffalo buys cars that have reached the end of their life cycles from the owners. The process of crushing and recycling a car is as follows:

1. Inspection

We closely inspect the car to determine its condition. Some parts may still be reusable without recycling. Some components may need a little repair, and they are good as new. We then proceed to dismantle and recycle.

2. Draining Fluids And Dismantling Valuable Parts

Cars have different fluids like anti-freeze, transmission fluid, lubricants, and oil. We drain the cars of these fluids by segregating hazardous liquids and storing them for disposal. Some fluids are filtered and reused.

The engine is removed, and any reusable parts are removed and cleaned. Car tires and batteries are also removed for recycling.

3. Selling Recovered Auto Parts

Any parts that have been salvaged from the motor vehicle is delivered to an auto-part re-manufacturer. These companies can use these parts to repair other cars.

4. Crushing And Shredding

At this point, the car only has metal parts left. Cars are made up of different metals, including steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, and copper. Our employees have years of experience in identifying different metal types and separating them. The car is completely torn apart, and the different metals are used to create something new.

This is the part of the process where Metalico will buy your scrapped car from you. Once your car is completely crushed, our facility is able to process the remaining metals and recycle them, while paying you the best price on the market for your scrap. 

We Offer Unrivaled Car Recycling Services

Metalico Buffalo is a trusted dealer in scrap metal recycling. Your old worn out car can get you some extra cash! Get in touch with us and find out more about our services.