Aluminum Wire Recycling

Aluminum Wire Recycling in Buffalo NY

While not as commonly used as copper, aluminum electrical wiring became most popular in the late 1960s as a cheaper alternative. A key difference lies in the conductivity of the element. Since copper is the most conductive non-precious metal, aluminum wiring is thicker, containing more aluminum to compensate. Despite being a cheaper metal and having comparable conduction qualities, installing aluminum wire has led to higher risks of electrical fires from faulty connections. If you handle older homes that need re-wiring and have loads of aluminum wire scrap, you can get it properly recycled at Metalico. 

What Items Commonly Contain Aluminum Wire? 

The most common areas to find aluminum wiring is through the circuitry of a home or commercial building. It is not regularly used in consumer electronic devices or other appliances, but working on older buildings can bring you to larger hauls of aluminum scrap wire. Due to where aluminum wiring is commonly found, we most often work with electricians who accumulate stockpiles of scrap over time. 

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Metalico strives to offer the fairest pricing for aluminum wire scrap metal across Western New York. With offices located in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Lancaster, we are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your aluminum wire, please contact us today! 

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