Bare Stripped Wire Scrap Metal Recycling

Bare Stripped Wire Scrap Metal

To keep our homes and communities safe, wires have insulation around them to avoid circuit malfunctioning and other hazards. For old wires you no longer need, you may find valuable copper or aluminum underneath the layer of insulation. If you buy the correct wire stripping tools and have a large number of insulated wires, you may find it beneficial to bring your bare stripped wire to a scrap metal facility for higher compensation. 

Is It Worth It To Strip Insulated Wires?

Scrapping bare wires can be a very profitable income source, but you need to make some considerations. Stripping thick wires and cables brings you the highest yield with the least amount of weight being lost by removing insulation. Typically wires that are thicker than your pinky finger are the most profitable, being 12 gauge copper wires or 250 to 750 mcm cables. For thinner, common wires found in extension cords and telephone cables, it’ll only be worth your time and energy if you have a large quantity of them, at least 75 lbs or more. For those who don’t have the resources to do so, most scrap metal facilities can strip the wires for you and pay you a fair price to bring in the wires with their insulation on. 

Find Out Our Current Prices for Bare Stripped Wire Recycling

If you have bare stripped wires from electrical construction work or old appliances, you can bring them to Metalico for fair compensation. Contact us today to learn about our latest prices for different types of metal wires!

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