Clean Copper & Aluminum Transformers

Copper Transformer Scrap MetalChanging voltages between devices and power sources are critical to maintaining functionality for products in our everyday lives. As such, transformers come in numerous sizes as they work in electronic device chargers, TVs, expansive power grids. When used in larger applications, transformers may be positioned outdoors and need to be shielded against the elements. Often, these transformers are encased in heavy steel, protecting a variety of copper and aluminum wiring tucked away inside. With a sizeable quantity of metals housed in clean transformers, they are quite rewarding to scrap. 

Ways To Recycle Clean Transformers:

To scrap a transformer, we begin by removing them from electronic devices and other secured locations. If you have been given access to do so, you can use screwdrivers to loosen the transformer from where it is currently positioned. If wiring is already exposed, you can file at the insulation until you unveil the metal inside, determining if it is aluminum or copper-based on coloration. To reach wires hidden behind the steel casing, you will need to cut off the steel, using a hammer and chisel. 

How Much Are Transformers Worth?

There are several elements of clean transformers that can be scrapped. The steel casing, aluminum wires, and copper wires within. If you just have transformers in their whole form, you can bring them to a scrapping facility to be weighed and taken apart by the team on-site. However, piece out, you can bring sorted parts which come at different price points. To have the most accurate estimate, call Metalico Buffalo for updated pricing. We can also help you determine if scrap container services would help you to safely and economically bring your scrap to our facility. 

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