Electric Motor Scrap MetalElectric Motor Scrap Metal Recycling in Buffalo NY 

Moving parts and pieces in electronic devices require harnessing power through a motor. Around a home, there are many types of electric motors from small motors in fans, vacuum cleaners, and computers, to larger motors in appliances and power systems. If an appliance breaks down and needs to be replaced, instead of throwing out the whole thing, there can be valuable scrap taken out of it. Often if something breaks and needs a repair, it could be a problem with the motor or the wiring around it.

How To Recycle Electric Motors

Whether you find large or small motors, you can definitely do your part to recycle them so that they conserve resources and energy around the world. Many of our clients are contractors working on renovation projects or multiple appliance replacement jobs, which bring them in contact with a large number of motors. If you take the time to unhinge the motors and copper wiring out of these appliances, you can bring yourself a significant boost to your bottom line. You'll need to remove quite a bit of material to get to the motors within appliances, but that can be done with simple power tools. Once you find the motors, you can clip off external wires which may be copper or aluminum and can also be scrapped. Once you get the actual motors separated, you can also consider prying them apart for more copper wire inside, but if you do not have the time or a large number of motors, it'll be more valuable to keep the motors intact and scrap them in that state.

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