Light Ballasts Scrap RecyclingLight Ballast Recycling in Buffalo NY 

Whether you need to replace broken light ballasts or retrofit a large warehouse for more efficient LED lighting, you can quickly gather a sizeable pile of ballasts. There are different materials that make up a light ballast, including glass, wires, and different types of metal. Depending on the type of ballast, there may also be regulations against PCBs found in them that require special disposal services normal recycling facilities cannot handle. It may be worth your time to remove extraneous materials around the light ballasts and bringing them to recycle once you have a large number stored up.

How To Recycle Light Ballasts in Buffalo

To get the most out of your light ballasts, you'll want to remove non-metal materials and check if there are any hazardous materials in them. Ballasts with PCBs have a different set of regulations for disposal and must be treated accordingly. Additionally, removing the glass and external wiring from your light ballasts helps to separate valuable material or higher-priced metals for separate scrapping. If you have a very large load, you can also make use of our scrap container services to safely haul the ballasts to our facilities. Our team can schedule drop-off and pick-up services at a time convenient for you.

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