Industrial Brass Recycling

Industrial Brass RecyclingWe are leading full-service and widely diversified scrap metal recyclers, principally based in the Northeastern United States. Our scrap operations involve the sourcing, purchase, recycling, and sale of processed industrial brass. The recycled industrial brass is then sold to domestic manufacturers to a greater extent and to the export markets to a lesser extent.

We boast of the cleanest yards in the Buffalo NY area and our focus is on building a 'green' image as an industrial brass recycling facility. We offer and deliver full-scrap services, including industrial brass recycling, construction scrap recycling, and trans-loading.

Our headquarters features a non-ferrous building, indoor car and industrial commodities' processing building, two truck scales, and a rail siding.

Scrap Metal Collection

We can handle all your industrial scrapping needs. Metalico Buffalo strieves to give you top-dollar for your industrial brass scrap. When handling a large volume of scrap metal from industrial, automotive, electrical, or plumbing industries, it can be difficult to transport it to our location. To make this process easier, we provide scrap metal collection services for our clients. Once you obtain your container from Metalico Buffalo, you can fill it with the industrial brass scrap that you encounter in your daily business. We will then proceed to transport the scrap from your business premises to our yard where we will embark on recycling it.

Our services are guaranteed to earn you some extra money while saving the environment through recycling.

Our Industrial Brass Recycling Services

Whether your enterprise goes through a consistent supply of metals, or whether you have equipment and machinery that needs to be replaced, our scrap metal recycling services can process what you bring to us. We accept a wide range of brass materials including equipment and appliances.

We additionally, accept large and small amounts of weight, contributing to an economical and responsible solution for your company. We also offer scrap container services to assist with the safe transport of your industrial scrap metal loads from your company to our facility. At Metalico Buffalo, we ensure proper industrial brass recycling at a competitive rate.

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