Industrial Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

Industrial Copper Scrap MetalCopper is a highly versatile material coveted for its conductive properties and resistance to corrosion. However, copper is also quite easy to manipulate into items used in homes and vehicles around the world. Once copper has been mined, it is further refined and shaped to become various types of fixtures and pieces. 

Where To Find Industrial Copper

The most widespread application of copper is with electrical components, spanning wiring, microchips, semiconductors, and printed circuit boards. However, copper tubing is a close runner-up, with largescale application in construction purposes for transporting water and gas through piping of various sizes and lengths.

Additionally, copper can be formed into fixtures around homes or buildings, becoming handles, doorknobs, locks, faucets and more. Lastly, copper is widely used in vehicle component manufacturing. Large industrial processes create copper components for electrical and heating pieces within cars. 

How To Scrap Your Copper

If you have access to copper that needs to be recycled, you can bring it to Metalico Buffalo for responsible disposal and be compensated fairly for it. For large quantities, we offer scrap container services to store all your copper and allow for easier transportation back to our scrapping facilities. From industrial copper turnings, extra pieces, and old copper tubing, we are ready to accept your copper. Contact Metalico today to learn more about our rates for industrial copper scrap!

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