Buffalo, NY Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum Sheet MetalRecycling aluminum scrap metal is important for sustaining the global supply of this metal without needing to rely as heavily on raw materials from the Earth. If you have aluminum metal, you can bring it to a scrapping facility like Metalico to recycle and receive payment for your scrap too. We buy tons of aluminum scrap metal from individuals and businesses around Buffalo. Additionally, we always monitor the latest market rates to offer competitive prices for your scrap. If you have aluminum scrap, don't let it go to waste in a landfill. From aluminum cans to aluminum wiring, bring your metal waste to our facility today!

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Though it is commonly known that recycling scrap metal helps the environment, the rate of recycling still remains low for most types of metal. At Metalico, we are committed to recycling as much metal as we can through our facility at the highest level of efficiency. We routinely run audits of our facility to ensure that our equipment works efficiently and cleanly to avoid heavy metals from leaching into our surroundings. Join our efforts to reuse metal by bringing your scrap in for processing!

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Whether you have a shed full of aluminum wiring or a pile of old aluminum siding, Metalico can recycle your scrap in Buffalo. Contact us for the latest prices for aluminum scrap or if you have any questions about our scrapyard. 

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