Buffalo, NY Copper Recycling

Copper Recycling in Buffalo, NYA leader in the scrap metal industry, Metalico serves customers across Buffalo with copper scrap recycling services. We purchase a variety of copper scrap from local businesses and residents who are affiliated with different industries. Our facilities maintain the highest standards to ensure that you receive a competitive price for your scrap. Don't let your extra copper scrap go to waste in a landfill, instead let us recycle it at Metalico.

Industry-Leading Copper Recycling

With its large number of uses, copper is a versatile metal that is used to construct and manufacture a wide range of materials and products. From consumer electronics to heavy-duty wiring, copper continues to be a valuable metal that can be recycled and used time after time again. At Metalico, our facilities are equipped to handle different grades of copper from our customers and we will also help you sort your copper and any other related metals that you bring in.

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

One of our greatest goals is to maintain a high level of environmental responsibility. Our scrap yard follows all local, state and federal sustainability regulations. We work to proactively audit our facilities for updates to improve our performance efficiency. We have the equipment to process all types of scrap metal to promote recycling and reuse over engaging in more disruptive mining practices.

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Whether you have a truckload of copper wiring or a shed full of old copper plumbing, you can bring your scrap copper to Metalico for recycling. Contact us for the latest copper prices in Buffalo. We look forward to assisting you with responsibly recycling your copper.

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