Lackawanna, NY Aluminum Recycling

Lackawanna Aluminum Sheet MetalCollecting aluminum scrap metal and selling it to a recycling facility can earn you a sizeable boost to your income. At Metalico, we buy tons of aluminum scrap metal from local businesses and individuals. We price our payouts fairly with market rates that we watch closely. If you have aluminum scrap, don't let it go to waste in a landfill. Learn more about how you can recycle your aluminum at Metalico today!

Where Can You Find Aluminum Scrap?

As a highly versatile material, aluminum can be readily found in many places around a business or home. From construction products to heavy-duty wiring, aluminum is used often due to its lightweight and durable characteristics. At Metalico, our facilities are equipped to process several different aluminum grades that our customers bring in and we can help you identify the type of aluminum you have. 

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

One of the most important values that Metalico upholds is to sustain the environment. Our scrap yard follows the best industry practices related to lessening our negative impact on our surroundings. We take this responsibility seriously, committing our facilities to thorough inspections that identify ways to improve efficiency in all our operations. We purchase all types of scrap metal so that more material gets recycled instead of needing to be mined and processed out of the Earth.

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Whether you have a shed full of aluminum wiring or a pile of old aluminum siding, Metalico can recycle your scrap in Lackawanna. Contact us for the latest prices for aluminum scrap! 

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