Lackawanna, NY Auto Parts Recycling

Auto Parts Recycling and Car Scrap Recycling

If you're a mechanic or car modifying hobbyist, you may end up having a lot of scrap metal on our hands. From switching out transmissions, catalytic converters or other metal features for newer modifications, there are a lot of different types of metal that get stripped away. Our scrap metal recycling facility takes a variety of scrap metal with a number of partners who depend on our updated and competitive prices. While you'll get compensated for your metal, you'll also be protecting the environment from unnecessary heavy metal pollution.

What Do We Buy?

The short answer to this question is that we buy just about any metal part that is in your car. From small clips and bolts to entire engine blocks, it doesn't matter whether the part is aluminum, iron, stainless steel, or copper. If it is metal and part of your car, we will pay you money for it. it is best for you to try to separate and clean scrap metal into distinct materials as best as you can so that you can get higher prices for scrap aluminum or scrap copper instead of a general scrap metal category.

Pickup Is Easy

One of the reasons that our services are so popular in Lackawanna is because we make pickup easy. If you have a large, heavy load, it can be extremely challenging and time-consuming to safely carry your scrap metal to our facility. We can bring you scrap containers that range in a number of different sizes. You can then fill these containers with your pieces of scrap and we'll pick up the container for you to make transportation easier. After all of this, we'll weigh out your scrap and pay you at the most updated prices available. 

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