Lackawanna, NY Demolition Metal Recycling

Construction and demolition businesses produce loads of metal waste, which can be disposed of with a return for your business too. Rather than placing different materials into a landfill, it is far more beneficial to recycle it. At Metalico, we provide specialty metal recycling for demolition projects in Lackawanna and throughout Western New York. By bringing your demolition scrap to Metalico, you can earn some additional income and protect the environment simultaneously. 

demolition scrap metal recycling in LackawannaPartnering With Metalico

Many contractors choose Metalico because of our commitment to green practices for our local community and also our competitive pricing for scrap metal. Our facility is fully equipped to sort through waste and remove contaminated material for proper disposal. We operate based on updated environmental practices that protect our soil and groundwater from any dangerous toxins.

Additionally, we can make it easy for your team by picking up the scrap you need to dispose of. We'll come to your location and gather any demolition recycling materials, saving you time and effort. Another option is to provide you with scrap containers that you can load up over time. Once your container is at full capacity, give us a call and we'll come to bring it back to our facility, leaving a fresh container if needed. Of course, you can also bring your metal waste to us if you would like.

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