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Auto Parts Recycling and Car Scrap Recycling

Do you need to replace some metal parts on your car, like the muffler or a catalytic converter? Normally, when you need to do that, your mechanic will simply keep the old parts. However, you can actually earn a little extra money if you ask to keep the parts yourself and then sell them to a metal scrap recycler. In Niagara Falls, NY, the best place for car scrap recycling is Metalico Buffalo.

What Do We Buy?

The short answer to this question is that we buy just about any metal part that is in your car. From small clips and bolts to entire engine blocks, it doesn't matter whether the part is aluminum, iron, stainless steel, or copper. If it is metal and part of your car, we will pay you money for it.

In addition to auto parts recycling, we also recycle entire cars as well. If you are replacing an old car that simply won't run anymore, contact us for car scrap recycling. We will pick up the entire car and pay you for the metal parts, while safely disposing of the non-metal parts.

Pickup Is Easy

One of the reasons that our services are so popular in Niagara Falls is because we make pickup easy. We provide containers that will safely hold your car scrap until we pick it up. You fill the containers with scrap and tell us where it is and we will pick it up without you needing to be present at the time. Furthermore, we know that one size doesn't fit all. These containers ranger from small bins to flatbeds, which allow you to store any size of scrap.

Protecting the Environment

Besides the money, another great reason to get auto parts recycling is that it protects the environment. When we recycle scrap at Metalico Buffalo, we are incredibly careful to screen for any type of contaminants. If found, we take every possible safety measure. This means you don't need to worry about gas or oil or other fluids still in your car when you use our car scrap recycling services.

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