Maintenance Scrap Recycling

Maintenance Scrap RecyclingMetalico Buffalo is one of the leading full-service, largely diversified scrap metal recyclers operating in the Buffalo area. Our scrap recycling operations involve sourcing, purchase, recycling, and selling four distinct categories of scrap metals—iron, steel, aluminum, and nickel-based steel. Once they have been recycled, these metals can be used in the manufacture of new commodities.

Our Maintenance Scrap Recycling Services

Each day we recycle scrap iron and steel, which are primarily sold to local foundries and mills. We additionally process scrap copper, aluminum, high-temperature alloys, nickel-based steel, and catalytic converters. We purchase catalytic converters and recover palladium, platinum, and rhodium, referred to as Platinum Group Metals (PGM's). The choice of these metals is articulated by their capacity to be recycled and reused by industries in emissions control devices.

Recycle Your Scrap and Protect the Environment

Our team will handle your scrap promptly, ensure it is accurately weighed, and shift it into the recycling stream at a fast pace. Our scrap recycling services serve the utmost good of protecting our environment by means of ensuring that we adhere to the latest government regulations on maintenance scrap recycling while at the same time giving our clients a unique value for their money.

We ensure that our scrap recycling operations are in agreement with the established standards and regulations in environmental protection. This begins with our containers. We make regular checks and maintenance to ensure that there are zero cracks or leaks. During the process of scrap unloading, we make sure that any suspect loads are first channeled onto concrete pads in order to isolate any potentially harmful fluids. This process also allows us to separate oils and water as well as to get rid of any dangerous runoff. 

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