Motor & Engine Blocks Recycling

Engine and Motor Block RecyclingIf you're in the process of scrapping a car and find yourself in possession of an old engine block that you need to dispose of, Metalico Buffalo Inc. has the solution you need. We purchase old metals such as high-temperature alloys, aluminum, and ferrous metal at the area's highest prices. This includes engine block and motor block recycling, however, we recycle many kinds of scrap metals to clean the environment and keep the area clean.

Buffalo, NY Motor & Engine Blocks Recycling

We are strategically located within Buffalo, NY area. As a leading motor block recycling company, we understand the logistics of transporting large pieces of scrap across the entire Buffalo area. This means when you contact us, our team understands your needs—we are equipped with all the necessary tools to get your engine block to our recycling center. 

Your Premiere Engine Block Recycling Center

At Metalico, we have a team of professionals who have different skills in handling metals and can distinguish them based on their types. Together with you, we separate the scrap metals, arranging them based on their types. Once the metals are set in different categories, we then measure them and record the various weights. Metalico is WNY's leading scrap metal recycling center - when you have an engine block to recycle, we'll give you the highest price possible. 

Engine Block to Recycle? Contact Us Today

Call us today at 716-823-3788 and experience the difference. Metalico buys a wide variety of metals and scrap machines, and you can always call for up-to-date pricing for currently accepted materials. For a better environment and some extra cash in your pocket, when you end up with a motor block that needs recycling, make Metalico your first choice!