Cast Iron Sinks & Tubs Recycling

Cast Iron Sink Recycling in Buffalo NY

Large cast iron sinks and tubs are heavy components of a bathroom, with common 5 feet long tubs weighing around 300 pounds. With the thick walls made of cast iron, these tubs and sinks can last for decades, withstanding many forms of damage that would break other materials. If you have a cast iron sink or tub, it may very well be worth scrapping, especially if you can't find some way of selling it to someone else.

How To Scrap Cast Iron Sinks and Tubs

While you can find ways to repurpose a cast iron sink or tub, you may also need to get rid of it from your home. To get the most value from these large pieces of cast iron, you will want to examine the surface for any rust. If you just have surface rust, you can increase the scrap value by scrubbing off as much as you can. Additionally, you can remove other types of metals or materials from the tub or sink, including faucets and knobs, which can be scrapped as other types of metal. You'll want to call a scrap metal facility to see what their latest prices will be for cast iron. Not every place will take cast iron sinks and tubs, but you will want to check and make sure. 

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Metalico strives to offer highly competitive rates for metal found in cast iron tubs and sinks in Western New York. We constantly update our pricing to reflect the latest prices of the market. With offices located in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Lancaster, we are accessible to many returning contractors and business partners. Additionally, we offer scrap container services which can make it much easier to transport heavy loads to our facilities. If you would like to learn more about the latest pricing for your cast iron tubs and sinks, please contact us today!

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