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What Do You Do With Old Copper Plumbing? 

The best solution is to recycle old copper plumbing pipes. If copper goes into a landfill, the metals can leach into the soil and contaminate groundwater sources. Additionally, recycling copper helps to lower the cost of manufacturing goods requiring copper. Instead of having to mine, refine and transport new copper, recycled copper can be used for a much lower expense. If you have copper plumbing, you can bring it to Metalico where we will recycle it and pay you an honest price. For larger copper quantities, we also offer container services that we can pick up from your location! 

Where Can You Find Copper Piping?

Often found in older plumbing, copper pipes have offered homes with dependable drainage solutions for years. Copper is a trusted pipe material dependable for numerous applications including potable water, drains, vents, natural gas, and steam transportation. Due to its versatility, it can be found throughout commercial and residential units. Despite rising prices for copper, it remains a popular choice, trusted by plumbing contractors and building owners alike. 

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