Lead Plumbing Scrap Metal
lead faucet pipe

Largely used in homes before 1986, lead pipes, faucets, and sinks have been used to connect water main lines to private property. However, there is potential for corrosion that causes lead poisoning in water which has made these pipes a target of removal. Especially through renovation or demolition projects, there is plenty of lead pipe that gets removed and is recycled. Below, you can learn more about different types of lead that can be found and brought in for scrap metal recycling. 

Types of Lead Plumbing

Lead plumbing comes in several types of connections from your water main to your home. There may be extra lead pipes built into an older city's water lines, but many cities are removing these types of pipes for safer materials. In addition to types of pipes that can connect a home to the water service line, there are also solderings and partial pipe replacements that consist of lead. Additionally, you can find more lead in homes through the sinks and faucets that are present around a home. Many of these pieces of equipment are commonly replaced through renovations or demolition projects. 

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If you have lead plumbing metal, you can bring them to Metalico to recycle and receive fair compensation. For larger, heavier quantities, you can also utilize our scrap container systems to safely load the lead for pickup services. Contact us today to learn about our latest prices for different types of lead to be scrapped at our facilities!

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