Scrap Metal Plumbing Fixtures

Copper Plumbing Fixture ScrappingGetting water flowing in a home or business requires numerous types of plumbing fixtures working in unison. From faucets to shower heads, water travels through pipes and can change by the final fixture. Depending on the type of fixture, you may find different types of metals used in their production. From brass to copper, many fixtures are covered with shiny finishes but house valuable metals underneath. 

Prepping Plumbing Scrap

To find the most value in scrap plumbing fixtures you can separate scrap based on the types of metals found and also categorically into types of pieces. You can choose to cut through different fixtures, removing rusty, corroded pieces leaving “clean” scrap that is easier to process. Usually, these types of scrap will be priced higher as the scrapyard saves resources prepping the scrap before being processed. 

As with other kinds of scrap, increasing your haul amounts into larger quantities at once make the trips more worth it to a scrap yard. If you have enough scrap, we also offer scrap containers that can carry and be used to transport your different scrap effectively. 

How Much Is Plumbing Scrap Worth?

Depending on the type of metals found inside your scrap, there could be a lot of different estimates given. To get a closer estimate, you can look at commodity indexes for specific metals and shave a small percentage per pound to calculate how much you may be compensated. However, if you ever wonder if it’s worth the trip to haul over your scrap, the best way to determine what you could expect is to contact our scrapyard. At Metalico, we deal with high volumes of scrap every day so we know how to give you a quick and reasonable estimate when you need it most. 

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