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What Do You Do With Old Steel Pipes Used For Plumbing? 

Steel pipe used in plumbing is usually galvanized to prevent corrosion as water passes through. These pipes last for a long time, but once they are replaced, the best thing to do with them is to recycle them. If galvanized steel goes into a landfill, the metals can leach into the soil contaminate the surrounding environment as the metal decomposes over time. Additionally, recycling steel conserves resources and energy needed to mine metals and smelt them into new steel. For any steel pipes you have, recycling at Metalico can give you a boost in your bottom line as you find a way to responsibly dispose of extra piping.

Our Recycling Services

At Metalico, you can find a competitive price for all your hard work. We constantly monitor the latest fluctuations in market value for different scrap metals to give our clients the best pricing available. We also offer scrap container services that can make it easier for contractors who have heavy loads of loose pipes. We can drop off and pick up containers for you so that you can safely transport the metal to our facilities. Lastly, we continue to uphold rigorous standards of excellence at all of our facilities, maintaining environmentally friendly practices recognized by 3rd-party audits and regulatory agencies.

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