Solids and Turnings Recycling

Solids & Turning RecyclingMetallico Buffalo Inc. is the most modern and largest solids and turnings recycling service provider in the Great Lakes region. Our goal is to deliver top-notch solids and turning recycling services to our clients. We deliver competitive prices for our solid recycling services coupled with the provision of high-quality customer care services from our team of highly experienced professionals and experts. We accept a wide variety of solids and turnings that can be found anywhere from construction sites to machine shops.

Handling all your Solids and Turnings Recycling Needs

Regardless of what material or grade your solids and turnings are, we will purchase it from you at the highest price on the market.

Upon obtaining your metal scraps, we will recycle them into their original form or turn them into new commodities. We happily accept ferrous materials such as rotors, drums, or light irons and non-ferrous materials such as high-temperature alloys and aluminum. We can recycle all manner of solids, whether it is industrial scrap metal, auto parts, bushelling scraps, or plumbing scrap.

WNY's Premiere Solids & Turnings Recycling Center

At Metallico Buffalo we have established a robust turning & solids recycling services model in one of the busiest and fastest-growing regions of the United States. All forms of recyclable solids and turnings are purchased from peddlers, demolition contractors, small scrap dealers, and manufacturers. The solids and turnings are sorted and recycled for sale to foundries, furnaces, and mills. 

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