Trailer Bodies and Frames Recycling

Trailer Bodies and Frames RecyclingIf you have a trailer body and frame that is not worth fixing or repairing, why not sell it and make some cash? All trailer bodies and frames are almost entirely made of metal—they are recyclable. Trailers' bodies can be made out of aluminum, steel, or cast iron. At Metalico Buffalo, we buy old trailer bodies and frames for recycling at highly competitive prices.

Our company can recycle a wide range of metals including aluminum, copper, brass, and cast iron. Whatever your trailer body is made of, we have you covered. You do not have to worry about transporting the scrap metal to our scrap yard because we offer scrap metal collection services for all our clients.

Our experienced team members will inspect the trailer body and frame and offer you a worthy trailer body recycling metal quote. Whether your trailer frame recycling bodies and frames still have remnants of plumbing, electrical hardware, don't worry— these are all recyclable components!

The dangers of abandoned or old Trailer bodies and frames

An abandoned trailer body in your backyard can not only make your space dirtier but also can pose a safety hazard to the public; especially children who could get hurt playing in the unit. Besides, abandoned trailer bodies can also harbor dangerous animals like snakes. And more importantly, these trailer bodies pose an environmental hazard which can subsequently affect the public welfare.

Metalico Buffalo is here to ensure a clean environment while protecting your family and the community at large from the harmful consequences of abandoned trailer bodies and frames. The price you get for your trailer bodies depends on the condition it is in during pick up.

Our experts will also consider how clean the scrap is. Once the trailer is in our yard, we take time to sort out the different recycling components. We are endowed with the perfect equipment for cleaning out dangerous substances without contaminating the environment. When you work with us, you are assured of complete transparency and professionalism in the whole trailer recycling process.

Recycle Your Trailer Bodies & Frames Today

Over the years, we have perfected trailer body recycling processes that keep the environment safe and provide usable products. We also work closely with the Department of Environmental Conservation personnel to ensure that we follow all safety rules and regulations for our employees as well as the environment.

Get in touch with us and find out more about our Trailer Bodies and Frames Recycling services. Free quotes are available!