Wheel Weights Recycling

Wheel Weights RecyclingAt Metalico Buffalo Inc., we provide recycling services for metals ranging from copper, aluminum, and lead scrap metals. We deal in a wide array of wheel weights, including the ones made from iron, zinc, or lead. Prior to the completion of wheel weight recycling, we supply our clients with a clearly labeled, locking, and professional container for the storage of reprocessed wheel weights. The containers are typically easy to move given that they are fitted with casters.

The recycling of wheel weights made of lead is less prominent in the contemporary scrap metal industry. Most wheel weights today are made of zinc or steel. However, we accept both of these types at our recycling center. It is based on this unique service offering that we have been able to stand out above our competitors in the market and cement ourselves as the leading scrap recycling center in Buffalo. 

Our Wheel Weights Recycling Center Is In 100% Compliance with EPA Standards

At Metalico Buffalo, we ensure that we are always complying with EPA standards. EPA has categorized lead under hazardous materials. It is based on this understanding that we ensure the proper disposal of used wheel weights made of lead. Current and future clients will find that we abide by the disposal methods approved by the EPA, and our team will always ensure the safe and effective handling of the clients' used wheel weight prior to disposal. 

Recycling Your Wheel Weights With Metalico

Given the availability of a large variety of vehicle rims, suppliers who can keep clients upraised and supplied with the appropriate wheel weights whenever demand arises are typically given precedence in the market. At Metalico Buffalo, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of wheel weight recycling services in Buffalo  Call us today to find out more about our Wheels weights recycling services!