Niagara Falls, NY Contracting Material Recycling 

As a contractor working in construction, it is a common practice to gather an assortment of scrap metal. Depending on the particular job, you may encounter old wiring, plumbing pipes, and appliances, that weigh in at hundreds or thousands of pounds. While it does take a little more effort to store it and carry it to our recycling facility, doing so can add substantially to your bottom line. We offer competitive rates for many different metals that quickly add up for large quantities of scrap. As a result, many contractors use their earnings to buy new equipment and tools for their team to use around Niagara Falls.

Contracting Materials You Can Scrap With MetalicoScrap Metal Recycling for Contractors in Niagara Falls NY

A Trusted Scrap Metal Facility

At Metalico, we strive to make the process of scrapping simple and reliable for our clients. We value your time as busy contractors by minimizing the time it takes to bring your scrap in, accurately weigh it and get paid for it. Additionally, we offer scrap container services for clients that have large loads which are difficult to transport. We can provide containers of different sizes that you choose based on your needs. Contact Metalico today for the latest scrap metal prices in Niagara Falls!

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