Industrial Metal Recycling for Lackawanna, NY Businesses

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Industrial businesses work on a variety of metals in daily operations. While manufacturing products, a considerable amount of scrap metal also appears as a result. To make the best use of your resources, many businesses find it beneficial to recycle their scrap metal with Metalico. The process of mining and refining new metals is extremely costly, which makes your excess scrap a valuable commodity to be recycled and used for more industrial processes. Instead of disposing of your scrap metal another way, you can get compensated competitively by transporting your scrap to us!

Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Whether your company goes through a supply of metals on a regular basis, or you have machinery and equipment that needs to be replaced, our scrap metal facility in Lackawanna can process what you bring us. We accept a range of materials including appliances, equipment and other forms of metal. We also take small and large amounts of weight, contributing to a responsible and economical solution for your business. Also, we offer scrap container services to help with the safe transport of your scrap metal loads from your business to our facility. 

Industrial Materials We Accept

With scrap metal recycling, you can save resources for your employees and receive a return for old equipment that gets recycled at our facilities. You can learn about some of the materials we accept below:

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For the latest prices of different scrap metals or answers to any questions you have about what we can scrap, please contact us today! We do our best to provide the most competitive scrapping rates for our business partners around Lackawanna!