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As a plumber, aging homes that need plumbing repairs may need large piping replacements. Changing out older lead pipes or bathroom fixtures that no longer work for modern replacements can result in hundreds or thousands of pounds of plumbing pipes for you to dispose of. There are many valuable metals can be recycled instead of being tossed away, helping to preserve the environment and also improve your business' bottom line. Many of our clients find it useful to bring scrap to our facility, earning enough money throughout the year to purchase new tools and equipment for future projects.

Lackawanna, NY Plumbing Parts Recycling Trusted Scrap Recycling Facility

At Metalico, we strive to make scrapping simple for our clients. Not only is our facility fitted with highly efficient machinery, but we also operate with environmentally responsible standards recognized by government standards. Choosing Metalico, gives your business a competitive price for your scrap, protects the environment and also is easy for you. If you have an extremely heavy load of metal plumbing scrap that is difficult for you to transport, we also provide scrap container services for your business that can safely carry any amount of scrap. 

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