Lackawanna, NY Electrical Scrap Recycling

If you're an electrician or general contractor, chances are you have a pretty large collection of scrap wires and metal laying around somewhere. Whether it's from new home construction, commercial lighting retrofitting, or building renovation work, you can end up with hundreds or thousands of pounds of old scrap. Instead of throwing it away, you should bring it to our recycling facility in Lackawanna. Not only does this help the environment by reducing the energy used for mining and refining purposes, but it'll also help your business with a sizeable return for your scrap.

As with any commodity on the global market, the price of scrap metal fluctuates throughout the year. However, electrical scrap metal usually gives you a return of a dollar or more per pound, which adds up quickly over the course of hundreds or thousands of pounds. Most of our clients also don't spend much time transporting scrap, as they can bring it a few times a year and earn enough money to purchase new tools and supplies for their team.  

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When you partner with Metalico, you'll quickly receive a payout for your scrap. We value your time and know how important it is to have a streamlined facility. Our processes are environmentally responsible and efficient to minimize the time it takes from weighing to paying. Lastly, if you have access to large loads that prove difficult to transport, we offer scrap container services for safer loading from your site to ours. For the latest prices of electrical scrap in Lackawanna, contact us today!

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