Niagara Falls, NY Electrical Scrap Recycling

For many electricians or general contractors, you will naturally gather a large mass of scrap wiring and metal. As you work on new home construction, older building renovation or commercial lighting retrofitting, you may pull out hundreds or thousands of pounds of old scrap. Instead of discarding it, you can bring as much scrap as you can to our recycling facility. Not only does this help the environment by recirculating metal into manufacturing processes, but it'll also benefit your business' bottom line.

While scrap metal prices fluctuate throughout the year based on a number of factors, the metal you have can give you a return of a dollar or more per pound, offering a substantial return for your efforts. Our returning clients often just transport scrap a few times a year, earning enough money to buy new tools and equipment for their team members to stay safe for new projects ahead.  

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When you partner with Metalico, you'll quickly get a competitive return for your scrap. We value your time and know how important it is to have an accurate and efficient facility. We maintain a large scale operation that emphasizes environmental responsibility and functions swiftly for our clients. Additionally, if your scrap is extremely heavy and difficult to transport, we offer scrap container services that can be delivered to and from your site. For the latest prices of electrical scrap in Niagara Falls, contact us today!

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